Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

On Monday night I sat around a long, beautiful table with my new kids.

After a chaotic afternoon, we all found ourselves sitting down to pot roast, mashed potatoes, and asparagus wrapped with bacon - my favorite thing to serve kids.

I am now the proud foster mom to three teenage boys, two elementary school boys and the sweetest little slip of a girl you could find (Ellery no longer falls in the "little slip of a girl" category as she is now nearly seven and reads at a middle school level).

All of the children in our home have been in group home settings before. One of the boys has had 22 different placements and asked me in an equally indifferent and hopeful tone of voice if this would be a permanent placement.

I couldn't tell him yes or no, but I could tell him that I was happy to have him.

And I am!

Yesterday I cheered on a boy at the skate park. Today I listened to him ask every hour when we could go back.

Yesterday on the first attempt to get to the skate park I received a call from one of the schools asking me to pick up one of our kids who was suspected of bringing drugs to school.

Today I assembled a tv stand that had thwarted all of the teen boys - even the ones who "like to put stuff together" and Andy.

Today I also had a mini-meltdown over the minor detail that I haven't figured out where CrossFit fits into this new life.

Tomorrow is Jack's third birthday, and I feel just a tiny bit guilty that I haven't even purchased gifts for him. We will, don't worry, but I am finding myself extremely thankful that he is still just young enough to not be aware of how exciting a birthday could be.

Tomorrow is another day. Another chance to learn and to develop a flow for this new family. To pray. To laugh. To feed. To thank God for his good gifts and ask him again to give me everything I need to let his love flow through me and into the very special and fragile lives that are now living in my home.


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Sarah said...

Emily, you amaze me. I was telling one of my friends how awesome it is that you guys have taken in a full house full of kids and how good I'm sure you'll be at it. I love you!

emily ruth said...

girlie, you totally rock...

Michelle Ferguson said...

Awesome. Just awesome :) Thank you for sharing these glimpses into your new journey! What an incredible adventure my friend. Will be praying for your strength, joy, and daily reminders of what a tremendous impact you're making even when it might appear a bit thankless and challenging. Oh, and speaking of challenging, I'll also pray that Cross Fit easily becomes part of your life again :)

Colleen said...

It sounds like you have enough of a houseful to start your own CrossFit garage gym!
And I'm down to one band on the pullups!!