Saturday, June 27, 2009

How Do You Spell Trouble?


That's how.

Guys, I don't know what has happened to me. Usually, I am an avid NON-TV watcher during the day. I don't like the noise of having it on all the time and I don't like getting sucked into shows that add nothing to my thoughts or skills.

I guess that might sound kind of pompous, but I don't mean it that way, I just usually don't like TV.

But there are occasional days, especially days when I have two needy babies, that the sound of adult voices is welcome, even if they are coming from a box.

I don't know if it is because I have a lingering cold and am feeling less energetic than usual, or if it is because I'm trying to tune out the constant refrain that says, "Put on your running shoes and get going!" Whatever the initial cause, I have found myself totally wrapped up in home improvement shows and room make-overs found on the Home and Garden channel.

The trouble isn't just that I am totally captivated by shows that teach you how to make your home more appealing to potential buyers... it's that both Andy and I are sucked in. We stayed up WAY too late last night, totally mesmerized by the pretty new paint colors and the interesting floor plans.

And that is only problem number one. Number two is that just like fashion makeovers leave me feeling unhappy with what I have and wishing for $5000 to redo my whole exterior, these room redesigns are leading me to look at my own humble (and sweet) abode with distaste. Where I have usually been content and enjoyed my home's character and ability to offer shelter and warmth and a place to connect with friends, I now see only the flaws and our financial limitations for creating that illusive "perfect space."

I refuse to live with the feelings of "less than" just because I can't afford an interior designer to come remake my home, or even the perfect shag rug. I have comfortable chairs and lots of ice water to offer hot, tired guests.

So, consider this my warning to you. If you are not an avid HGTV watcher, don't ever, EVER turn it on. It gets you in the first half hour! And if you ARE a fan, be careful how it affects your eyes. TV will do that to you... make you feel like you and what you have is completely inadequate.

So now, I am gearing up for a day that includes running shoes, moving couches, cleaning counters, appreciating what I have... and maybe just one teensy weensy show... or maybe not.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

And The Gold Medal Goes To...

Jack is sleeping.


Usually when Jack rests, so do I. At least lately, I've taken naps, read novels or done the dishes so that I don't have to do them later. But today I am so distracted that I don't feel much like sitting still.

The first reason that I feel so fidgety is that I fear for Jack's safety.

Does anyone know if giant moths bite?

After an eventful transition from play to nap (eventful because my first attempt at putting Jack down was thwarted by the fact that I forgot that his door was off its hinges... more on that later) I was walking Jack to his room when I spied a black fluttery shape out of the corner of my eye.

I halted.

I moved further into the room just to make sure I wasn't imagining things.

I wasn't. In the corner, idiotically bouncing into the blinds was the biggest moth I have ever seen. Like, as big as a small bird.

How's that for simile?

I have a great distaste for large moths. They are almost up there with spiders and crane flies. Gross! I feel itchy all over just thinking about them all! I don't like that their bodies are furry. And I don't like that they fly so stupidly. And I hate the thought of trying to squish one, because, can you imagine the mess their fat bodies would make?!

Bleck!! If anyone knows a good written exclamation for shaking your body all over and sticking your tongue out and shivering while making a grossed-out noise, I could have used it just now and would be very grateful if you know of one for future use.

Anyhow, after all the work of getting Jack nap-ready, I didn't want to miss the window of opportunity. And we all know that boys, no matter how small, are not afraid of bugs.

So, I put him down for a nap, but now I am stuck worrying about his fate, which I left in the hands (wings?) of a very large, potentially blood-sucking moth.

What kind of mother am I?!

I have to keep resisting the illogical urge to go peek in his room and make sure he isn't swarmed by black, winged, furry creatures.



I interrupt this post to tell you that my brother-in-law just came upstairs to borrow something. I seized the opportunity and asked him to go get the foul creature. He walked into Jack's room, armed with nothing but a paper towel... a PAPER TOWEL PEOPLE... and got the bug! Oh Jason! Thank you!

Not only did he squish it... but as I predicted it left a large, smeary mess on the wall. He even cleaned that up for me. His words, "Do you want me to get that so you don't have to touch it?"

You married a good man Lizzie, a good man.

I am sorry to tell you, but after all of that excitement I am too spent to regale you with tales of the other items on my "I can't rest" list. Another day my pets, another day.

Monday, June 22, 2009

I Need A Shower

I fell off my bike today.

I don't really like biking that much.

I also rode six miles, always far, far behind the gals I was riding with. 

I kept feeling like such a looser. 

"How can I be so, ridiculously slow?"

When I reached our meet-up point, a good ten minutes (at least that is how it felt, they swore it was only two) behind them I discovered that both my tires were low on air. 


That might have had something to do with it. 

I feel miserable. My elbow hurts and my pride is bruised. 


Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Days Go By

I've been training a lot.

I've got a cold.

I love DayQuil.

Jack says, "no, no, no" as he proceeds to do something that he knows is off limits. 

He does things that are off limits... A LOT.

Andy is watching a really (really!) gruesome MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fight. I can usually watch them with him, but once there is blood, I'm out-a-there.


And Jack thinks they are terrific. 

That white thing is his safety blanket. 

His safety blanket is a snowman. Have I told you about his love for his snowman? By snowman, I really do mean a snowman. It was his Halloween costume and somehow, I don't remember how, it was in his crib one night. Since then it has been in his crib every night. When Andy and I put him to sleep he finds it, curls up all around it and smiles. My son, with a snowman lovey.


Life is good. 

Friday, June 12, 2009


Two of these wondrous creations are coming to my house. 

I ordered them two weeks ago.

They won't be here until the 25th. 


I hate waiting.

Please tell me that "I hate waiting" immediately makes you think of The Princess Bride.  The part where Inigo is offering the rope to the Man In Black, who will later be identified as Westley, and they exchange witty banter about the process of climbing the Cliffs of Insanity. 

If it does not, I fear for the longevity of our friendship. The exception is Andy, who despite refusing to watch the Princess Bride, somehow still won my heart. Still, I can hardly afford to make exceptions. 

"Once word gets out that a pirate has gone soft, it is nothing but work, work, work..." 

Not that I'm a pirate, it's just that I can only have one exception to the rule, so, unfortunately, that still leaves you all in danger if you cannot quickly identify the speaker and context of that quote.


"Please understand I hold you in the highest regard..." Finish that line! 

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Harder Than I Thought

Oh friends.

Today is a day that I realize how consuming having a toddler is. 

Last night, Jack woke up every half-hour, almost to the minute for about two hours. That means that I also woke up every half hour. It means that my head is woozy this morning and my eyelids are very, very heavy.

Despite the fatigue, I am in my gym clothes, ready to head out the door for a training session. 




I am in my gym clothes, yes. But I am not about to head out the door. Because for the second day in a row, Jack has chosen the exact moment I am packing all of our things for a great workout to flip the switch that turns him from happy, playful, giggling Jack to crying, inconsolable, tired and cranky Jack.

That means that I am currently listening to him try and settle down for a random morning nap. 

I think he must be cutting another tooth.

Teething is such a mystery. 

So while I have some extra time on my hands, let's have an honest talk about this triathlon, shall we? I am tired of training. And when I'm miss a training session, I am tired of feeling guilty and worried about how I'll do in the race. 

It is much harder than I anticipated to make it to the gym all the times that I want. 

The good news is that when I was shaving my legs the other day I noticed some really remarkable muscle definition and a few weeks ago I had a stranger compliment me on my arms in the store. So, at least there is some benefit to the working out.

Despite the difficulty of trying to fit in all the workouts, I am still glad I've signed myself up for this. I know that if I didn't have a goal in mind, I probably wouldn't make it to the gym at all. Something is always better than nothing. Agreed? Plus, I'm learning a lot, and when I do make it for a run or swim, I feel fantastic. 

But the months are counting down and the days are becoming fewer. In just 11 weeks, whether or not I'm ready, I will be racing. 


What was I thinking?!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Well, it happened.

My little sister has turned FIVE.

As in, she's going to kindergarten in the fall.

All day.

What a big girl!

On Sunday my mom threw a party for her. It was a lovely party. 

There was a table of bubbles out in the backyard for all the kids,


delicious blueberries, presents, balloons, and even a post-party meltdown.

 Everything you could hope for from a birthday party!

Happy Birthday sweet sister of mine. I love you dearly!

This is Ellery's self-portrait. 
To console her after her balloon made its escape out into the wide, wide world, I let her take pictures on my camera. 
It is always fun to see her point of view and what she thinks is worthy of capturing.