Friday, September 24, 2010


As a mother of an infant and a toddler, I bet you open a post titled "Firsts" and expect to see drooly pictures of Joey's first tooth or a catalogue of Jack's first trip to the ER for stitches. While those events are, most likely, not far off, I have much more interesting firsts to present to you.

I am happy to announce that I have discovered the joy of having a favorite sweater. You may wonder how I have made it to near-thirty without the novelty of a favorite item of clothing.

I'm not sure.

A pair of Andy's sweats came close while I was pregnant, though I had to retire them when I moved in with Andy's folks because I had worn holes in places that are completely inappropriate to expose while living with your father-in-law.

So now, I have a sweater. Soft and loose, but not slouchy. The perfect shade of grey to hide baby boogers and rice cereal. Suitable for wearing to bed, to the gym, or to Target. A wonder of a top covering!

I truly don't think you are interested in my apparel
which is why
I have refrained from sharing
my clothing woes
which involve shrinking
out of everything I own.
*I know, I know,
bragging disguised as complaining,
but it IS annoying
when I have no way to replace
the baggy-saggy jeans and sloppy looking tops*
and re-discovering
how messy this phase of babyhood is.

But it provides a natural segue into my other first.

Which I think you will be much more entertained by.

My first crush on an older man!


I would say that it is also my first celebrity crush, but that wouldn't be true since I had a doozy of a crush on MacGuyver when I was smaller and a second infatuation with Dean Cain as Clark Kent. But other then that, I can honestly say I have been crush-free.

I've never been much of a crusher anyway.

In fact, Andy holds the distinct privilege of wooing a girl who was resolutely single and determined to keep her heart from wistful affections that might never be returned.

That being said, it is with his full permission that I make this "firsts" disclosure.

I confessed last season that I am a little attached to reality shows. The new season of Survivor has aired two episodes.

In those two episodes I have developed a fond affection for Jimmy Johnson.

Here he is looking rugged and Survivorish.

Here he is looking debonare and flashing that melt-me smile.

Ladies, if I were to meet this man tomorrow, I'm pretty sure I would blush uncontrollably, and probably do a lot of giggling.

Oh dear.

When I announced my fluttery feelings toward this former Super Bowl coach to Andy, he laughed. Really, really hard. Almost as hard as when I accidentally swore while watching the Biggest Loser.

Did I already share that story?
It is Andy's favorite.
And yet another example of
[melodramatic voice here]
havoc that Reality TV
is wreaking on my inner person.

Obviously he isn't worried about me being slightly smitten with a famous face. In fact, I think he might be a little happy since it gives me a much greater tolerance for watching Sports Center.

This may just be my season for being a football fan!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This afternoon Jack was playing in the garage with an empty coffee cup.

Confused as to where he found it I said, "Hey buddy, where did you get that cup?"

He looked at me like "Geez mom, where do you think?"

Then he answered my query and said, "Starbucks."

Oh dear.

I may have kept him from the frenzy of the golden arches, but this child already knows too much about my drive-thru vice.

As a side note,
I thank the Lord
that someone finally
decided that Starbucks
should offer drive-thrus.
The have saved
many a day from a disastrous end.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Has It Really Been So Long?

Forgive me blog for I have sinned.

For it has been nearly TWO MONTHS since my last posting.


I always feel better after confessions.

Don't you?

Anyway, I'm back. After a brief frenzy of "how on earth do women mother more than one child at a time?"

Seriously people, look at how boys play - how am I supposed to keep up?

Luckily this well-muscled man is always ready to run interference.

So, after realizing that I won't and can't and don't need to "keep up" I feel like I finally have some solid ground under my feet.

A few weeks ago I was making my apologies to friends who I haven't connected with in ages. As in well before my last blog post. Unacceptable.

As I was offering my genuine regret over missing important months out of beautiful lives I offered the tentative suggestion that I would be ready to engage in life again somewhere around the middle of September.

Why then?

Because the middle of September is fall.

And fall brings me to life.

The fragrances.
The colors.
The textures.
The pace.

Truly, autumn revives me.

I am so glad it is here.

And I'm so glad to be blogging again.