Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm Not An Evil Mother

Guess what!

Jack finally had a birthday party!

On Sunday we got together at my in-law's beautiful house and had some friends over to celebrate Jack's big day (a week and a half late, but who's counting?).

He LOVED having Happy Birthday sung to him.  I was holding him while everybody sang and he grinned around the patio, showing each person his appreciation for their presence with his big, charming smile.

Then he had a cupcake.

Did I tell you my moral dilemma about the cupcake? 

I struggled much more with it than I probably should have.

My thought was, "If I spend so much time trying to feed him good, nutritious food and teaching him healthy habits, why do I want to give him a big hunk of sugar and fat?"

So I compromised somewhere in the middle.  Or, if not the middle, at least somewhere that I felt I could give him the cupcake and move on with my life.

I found an apple/carrot/zucchini cake recipe on and guys, IT WAS SO GOOD. 

As in, I've eaten a slice for breakfast every day since the party, good.

Please don't do the math.

It was also SO easy, which, when it comes to baking, is essential for me.  

I am also pleased to say, that Jack wasn't all crazy for the cake, or the frosting.  He ate it, yes, but his eyes didn't go all googly and he didn't cry for more when it was gone.  I take that to mean that he has already learned moderation and was really wishing that instead of cake I had given him some sweet potatoes formed into a cupcake-shaped mound. 

Maybe next year baby.  Next year.


hootenannie said...

Sweet baby boy! Happy first birthday party, Jack! (And Emily, you are a hero of a mother - keepin' it healthy AND delicious!)

Michelle Ferguson said...

Okay, I am excited to try that fancy cake recipe of yours when I'm home! And I will eat it for breakfast every day in honor of you.

emilyruth said...

oh please please please
make the sweet potato cupcake mound!
i just really need to see that...