Sunday, August 9, 2009

Things I Am Thankful For

  • A gracious, patient, faithful God.
  • A husband who listens to me when I am processing life and still loves me even when I sound nuts.
  • Friends who check in on me after several pathetic blog posts and ask, "Are you doing okay?"
To all of you who have wondered,
the answer is yes
I really am okay.
The prospect of two babies
of my own
is a little scary.
I think I forgot for a few weeks
how much God loves me
and how in control he is.
Forgive my blog meltdowns.
And know that you will probably see more.
But I'm hormonal and gaining weight
like crazy.
That warrants a meltdown
once in a while.

  • A pastor who is a gifted speaker and a man who listens to God.
  • Meeting new people who are willing to share their story.
  • Drive thru food.
  • A baby who goes to bed easily.
  • A zoo membership.
  • Family nearby.
  • C.S. Lewis
  • My sister who is just as excited for fall as I am.
  • My other sister who says thing like this.


Seth & Andrea Cook said...

I totally understand how you feel. I think pregnancy seems a little mroe emotional and crazy the second time....I am so with you! I too am thankful for a husband that puts up with craziness and will make me endless grilled cheese sandwiches and make late night runs for 7-up when I'm naseous....

hootenannie said...


I am having a hard time holding in the laughter at work today while reading it...

And Emily, you are so wonderful. As little sister Sarah said to someone in the grocery store when she was in 1st grade, "You're so lovely in the Lord."

Ursinha :) said...

I lúv your profile!!