Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm Feeling Optimistic

I successfully handled two different issues with the Insurance Company.

My living room, dining room and kitchen are clean.

My house is quiet and peaceful.

Dinner is in the crockpot.

I caught up on email correspondence.

I have half of a grocery list done and most of a menu for the week.

I'm about to take a shower... BEFORE noon.

I feel like a human.


Mom said...

Wow! You're way ahead of me and I'm home alone! I am, however, mostly moved into my new closet. Come and see!

Alissa Maxwell said...

Hi Emily,
I found your blog via Annie Parsons, and realized you were making the transition to 2 beautiful boys - just as I am. Owen = 2 1/2, Josh = 5 months. I just want to say that I can SOOO relate to the running post - purchasing the sports bra (I kept my nursing one on in the dressing room for fear of what happened to you), just getting out, and the dispicable act of pumping. Urgh.

Hang in there - those first 3 months with two boys are TOUGH, but now we are getting in a groove. We've had afternoons with three of us crying at the same time, but now Owen understands that if I go upstairs to put the baby for a nap, I WILL return to play with him. He's finding secruity in a little independence.

Also, I just read a great potty training book - "Potty Training Boys the Easy Way." I can't say if it works, as Owen is not getting close, but it at least sounded like a manageable system...

The End. Sorry for the novel.