Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I had so much to tell you tonight!

I've had three or four posts wandering about in my brain for quite a few days now. I need to write them down so I don't forget to tell you later...

But tonight...

Tonight I got distracted.

I told Andy yesterday that I'm pretty sure about 50% of my brain space is taken up with thoughts about food.

Doesn't that sound like I would have an eating disorder or some major emotionally unhealthy attachment to food?

I don't. I like food, but in a totally normal way.

I think.

I just spend SO much time planning meals, grocery shopping, feeding babies, feeding adults, feeding myself.

Food, food, food.

Additionally, both of my parents have discovered that they have pretty severe food allergies to really common foods (gluten, dairy, eggs, almonds, salmon, on and on). So I find myself eating things and wondering how I could adapt them to suit my folks.

I wonder if I have allergies.

I wonder if Andy has allergies.

I wonder if Jack and Joey have allergies.

Food, food, food.

So, instead of writing to you about really fascinating things, like my most recent failure at a new venture and how I realized that I've never really failed anything before and I don't care for the feeling...

or about my dreams of never having anything in a box in my pantry (making all my granola bars and crackers and cereal, etc. ... Oh wait! That has to do with food again!)...

or about my slightly odd attachment to paint chips from the hardware store (I have some framed)...

Instead of transferring those terribly interesting and revelatory tidbits into clever and witty posts, I wandered through the cyber pages of dozens of cookbooks on Amazon. I've actually spent my last three nights pouring over cookbooks - adding them to my wish list, adding them to my cart, deleting them from my cart, writing them on a list to look for at the library...

What can I say, I'm just fascinated by food. Food is what I do right now, and I want to do it well.


Tell me.

What did you have for dinner?

What do you wish you had for dinner?

And what's your favorite cookbook... I'm looking to add to my collection!


Jason, Allison and Elliott said...

We had homemade pineapple, sausage & olive pizza.

I wish we had sushi. Everyday.

Favorite cookbook: Crockpot cookbooks! I don't care for most of the recipes where everything just gets blended together & tastes the same (you know, the carrots taste too much like chicken) but every once in a while I find a gem of a recipe that becomes a staple meal.

Alissa Maxwell said...

Oh I am SOOO there! It's killing me that Josh isn't gobbling down the purees that I spend so much mental time on! We just got a Rick Bayless cookbook that we love ("Mexican Everyday" I think). My other favorite is It's a wonderfuly down to earth food blog focused on making your own. This week's theme is all about frozen treats for summer. Yum!

Kelsey said...

Steve and I are huge fans of Alton Brown. He has a show on Food Network called "Good Eats". Love it! We only have one of his cookbooks but we love it. It's called "I'm Only Here for the Food" So great! We like Alton because not only does he tell you how to cook, he tells you why you use certain foods instead of others, why this is a good substitute instead of that, etc. He is awesome!

(Oh, I had a leftover homemade burrito for dinner and I wish I was having steak and mashed cauliflower)

Annie Peterson said...

I had leftover stir fry...I wish I had had frozen yogurt.

Fav cookbook is DEFINITELY America's Test Kitchen! All sorts of various tips on how to do things marvelously. I feel like an expert even though I'm not and even though the tips look a whole lot less graceful when I implement them than they do on the page. :)

Bizo said...

I had a blue velvet burger from my work (it's a burger covered in blue cheese and franks hot sauce) with french fries and a root beer.
(And yes, I did eat this while watching Eclipse by myself.)

What actually wanted was just that... but maybe I wish I had substituted onion rings with some hot cheese to dip them in instead of the fries. Ahhhh. I only allow myself to eat work food once a week, and I need to start going for it. All out. Adding fried goodness and hot spicy cheese to everything!

My favorite cook book is one my mom made for me as a gift filled with her and her friends and family's favorite recipes. Be that as it may, the cook book I use most often is 'Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade 20 Minute Meals'. I do however, change a lot of her ingredients. I like my ingredients a little more on the fresh and fancy side, but still her recipes are always quick, easy, and fairly inexpensive.