Thursday, October 16, 2008

More To Come

The inevitable happened last night.  

I got Jack ready for bed a little early (due to a poop-covered baby incident that I won't go into detail about).  Usually, if he's had his bath and bottle and just isn't tired enough for bed I leave him in the middle of the floor and let him roll around while I make dinner or clean up or roll around with him.  

Last night, we did the whole routine and I picked up all the toys, put them in their basket and then let Jack tire himself out by rolling his stud-baby self wherever his fancy took him.  It just so happened that, his fancy lead him directly to the newly stashed basket of toys.  Can you imagine the short work he made of my cleared living room floor?  I don't know if you really can.  That baby is FAST! 

After a moment of of rubbing my face with my hands, sighing and telling myself that it really is worth it to pick up the toys, even if I have only mere minute to enjoy a tidy house, I smiled at my baby and remembered how thankful I am for a healthy boy that smiles and coos and is learning all the new things that a baby should be learning.  

Go Jack!

But... I used up all my energy re-picking up the toys and no longer have the creative wherewithal to regale you with tales of my pumpkin-day with Ellery.  

Never fear, I'll get to it.  

But for now I have 45 minutes while Jack naps to eat my oatmeal with raisins, take a shower and have a moment of spiritual reflection.  So I'm off... but here is a preview:

Oh wait, that is just Jack formulating his plan to upend the toy box last night...

Here's the preview:

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