Thursday, October 23, 2008


Last night Ellery came over while my mom went to her tap dance lessons (how cool is my mom?!).  Following a rousing game of football between Ellery and Andy, all four of us walked to the park.  

Once I got over my my super-sensitive, "I'm a bad mother" meltdown, it was a wonderful evening.  Look at my adorable family:

Ellery, the next football star.  Just look at that game face!

Andy had so much fun with Jack in the swing.  Blogger is refusing to let me post any more pictures, so you'll just have to imagine one that includes Andy sitting on the swing holding Jack and looking incredibly proud.  The picture also includes Andy wearing a white stocking cap that Ellery saw and immediately pointed out as "funny" and "too round," and that Jack spit up on while Andy was giving him a ride on his shoulders.  Andy was grossed out and frustrated that he had just washed that hat and I was glad that it wasn't me being puked on this time.  

The other happy news is that my muffins turned out great, which is wonderful given my tendency to fail at baked goods.  I enjoyed one (okay, two) this morning with my chai.  It is shaping up to be a good day. 

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