Monday, October 6, 2008

a happy day and a dilemma

At this very moment I am listening to Andy have his first in-home guitar lesson.  Jack is sound asleep and has been for an hour and a half.  I've got a painting on the table drying, my house is mostly clean and my refrigerator is well stocked.

Ahhh... life is good.

It has been a very contemplative week. I feel like there are so many thoughts to send out into the wide world that they are jammed in my head and unable to make their way though my fingers and onto the screen.   Although, it could just be that I am concentrating so hard on being inconspicuous while Andy is instructed that I have no brain power left for creative prose.

Could be.

In the midst of my good day (which involved not one but TWO outings with friends and my first purchase of spiced cider) I am also facing a dilemma. 

I think I am going to return my orange jacket


Yes, I know how excited I was about it, but let's be realistic for a moment. I have a baby who is a perpetual fountain of regurgitated milk.  It is gross.  I have yet to wear that beloved jacket for fear that it is going to be immediately doused with slimy white baby backwash. That would make me cry and I really try and avoid situations that make me cry.


My mom's argument was, "Won't you cry when you return it?"

Perhaps, but I don't think that I will.  

I could keep an article of clothing because it was expensive and it is beautiful.  But it is impractical. Or I could return it and spend the money on something more sensible.  My responsible self knows that I need to return the jacket.  Unless someone can talk me out of it, the jacket is going back this week.  

Other minor updates:
  • I purged my purse of the old and unloved lip glosses
  • I still am not that impressed with Facebook
  • Jack is eating fruit AND Cherrios
  • The tickets arrived for my big date with Clinton Kelly and I think I may have accidentally be registered for a plus-size event (ack!  I must meet Clinton!)
  • I still haven't got my mascara
  • I love my husband and my baby (how could you not love these guys?)


Annie Parsons said...

Jack looks SO MUCH like Andy! Adorable picture. :)

Here is my (unsolicited) advice: if I were you, I wouldn't return the jacket. Now, I don't have a spitting-up baby or anything, but in my experience, those perfect articles of clothing only come along so often... and there WILL come a day when you think, "I wish I had that orange jacket." And then it will be gone.

Maybe save it for special occasions? Or wear a lot of burp rags on your shoulders? :)

Anonymous said...

If you return the jacket, you're returning a gift that God gave you. You wanted the jacket but left it with a prayer that if there were to be some extra money, you'd love to have the jacket. Voila! Extra money! I think you should enjoy the jacket as an answer to prayer and a tribute to your smart and resourceful hubby. Jack won't spit up forever.

Love, Mom