Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's 10:00 and my baby should be sleeping, but he's not

I started out the day with a colossal meltdown.

The kind where you really hope you don't have to talk to anyone because as soon as you open up your mouth your jaw will flap around like a fish, not making any sound because no words can describe how completely out of control you feel and your eyes will betray you and begin to send streams of tears down your face, and despite your best efforts at maintaining some small measure of dignity you will get all snotty and blubbery and greatly embarrass both you and the unfortunate soul who happened to run into you first.

That is exactly what happened. Only, the person I happened to see first was a sweet friend and she gave me a huge hug while I cried and neither of us were embarrassed.

My giant flood of emotion gave me my very first migraine. I can't say I ever want to have one again.

So I took a long, long nap while Andy played with Jack and Joey slept.

I woke up from that rest feeling much better.

Not quite like all was right with the world, but like it might be after a few more days of balmy weather and maybe a new pair of jeans.

Then I made a simple dinner and did some yoga.

I've finished off my day with a brownie topped with strawberries and whip cream, one step closer to my world being righted.

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