Friday, April 9, 2010

Coming Clean

I have a confession.

I don't always recycle.

Do you hate me?

Sometimes when I'm cooking and using lots of cans, like a soup that uses several cans of beans, I toss them in the sink with the good intention of rinsing them out and popping them in the recycling when I'm done with all my meal making. The problem is, when the sink is also full of dishes and the counters are cluttered, rinsing the cans seems like an avoidable portion of the work. Just toss them in the garbage under the sink and move on.

Surely it cuts a good 1.75 minutes out of my cleaning time!

And other days, Jack finds some jar or jug that I've put in the bin particularly interesting and pulls it out to play with it (which is why I must throughly rinse all containers that will eventually be recycled). After I have tripped over his favored juice bottle or tuna tin about three hundred and sixty two times, I am so tired of seeing it that I hide it from Jack... in the garbage can.

Does that make me a bad person.

Or more specifically, does that mean I have to hide myself in shame from all the faithful recyclers that inhabit the great Northwest?

I hope not.

I have another confession that might get me kicked out of my home state.

I don't really like soy milk.

What is the deal with soy anyway, is it good for you or not? I hear conflicting messages and I am confused.

Same with dairy.

And just about every other food group.

Someone somewhere always has a reason that some food is no good for the human race.


Until I get straight answers I'll just keep eating what I love.

And I'll keep not liking soy milk.

I can handle it on my cereal. But it certainly doesn't cut it in my coffee and please, please don't ask me to drink it straight.

But milk seems to make both of my babies gassy, as well as my darling man...
...who is in Mexico
building a house
and who I was bravely living without
until he called me
and I was reminded of how very much I adore him
and now I keep wishing
he would come home and tuck me in,
but alas
he will not be back in The States
for another two days.

Instead of filling my fridge with multiple milk products I just go with the gang and have soy when I want cereal. But frankly, it isn't really cutting it for me. I am trying to decide if it is worth it to have Joey squirm and fuss after I drink it and therefore he drinks it... and when I think about that, I realize that I'll just have to make do for a while.

Oh the sacrifices we mothers make!

We've tried Almond, Rice and "Grain Drink" in addition to the soy. Not a single one of them are delicious, but because soy is questionable I thought I should at least give them a go. Soy by far is the least objectionable... but seriously... is soy a yey or nay these days?



Alissa Maxwell said...

Oh, I feel for you without the dairy. I tried that with the first and was pretty relieved that it didn't help the awful, awful reflux. My kids get STRONG reflux meds, mom gets her dairy, we all get a chance at survival.

And I TOTALLY understand your words on that last post. That feeling that one of the kids is losing out ALL THE TIME. It gets better. Getting them to bed together is so huge. And I am so impressed you are doing this without Andy for the week. I have my first "solo parent" stint coming up at the end of the month and it is daunting to ponder. You've encouraged me today.

Anonymous said...

I'm a pacific northwest girl who doesn't like soy milk either. At all. No way, no how. For a while at work I would make my drinks with it, but espresso+soy milk is even worse!

I don't have any suggestions for milk-alternatives, but definitely avoid Hemp Milk! We tried it at work once and ughk. I couldn't believe how horrible it tasted.

Kelsey said...

I had to drink soy when I nursed Gracie. As far as drinking any kind of soy I'm with you, but for my kiddo I too just delt with it. However, have you tried Vanilla soy milk? Much better than regular soy milk! That's what I drank. Still not the best but WAY better than plain!