Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Little Baby All Grown Up

Today was a great-big day for Jack.

He is now in a "big boy" crib.  

Well, it is the same crib he's had, but we had to set the mattress at its lowest setting, lest we wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of a sweet (heavy) baby falling from his supposed-to-be-safe bed.

Today I put him down for a nap.  That's normal.  Almost immediately he burst into sobs.  That is not unusual.  But soon the sobs were hysterical.  That is NOT normal.  I waited for a moment and when he continued at a frantic volume, I decided to go check out the situation.  

There, at the foot of the crib, was my little baby, face covered in snot, standing... STANDING... against the railing and unable to figure out how to sit back down.  

When I walked in he was so happy to see me.  Sort of proud to show off his new skill, sort of terrified at his precarious position.  

I called Andy and we both just laughed at him and watched him stand there. Then Jack started to whimper, in a "please get me down" sort of way, and we pulled him out of the crib.  Andy lowered the crib right then.

So, my little baby is now a big boy.  He pulls himself up on whatever he can and moves like the wind... sort of.  

He also has two teeth now.  TWO.

Oh my goodness.  

Enjoy the evidence of Jack's new ability:

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Annie Parsons said...

What a sweet baby! He looks SO much like Andy - and has a great head of hair!! Goooooo, Jack!