Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Part Three

I know you have been waiting.  I'm sorry to delay your curiosity.  

After the haircut yesterday I went grocery shopping and came home to make a bunch of batches of food for Jack and some dinner for the grown ups.  After all that cooking (and cleaning of the kitchen) I was really tired.

Our guest ended up falling asleep early (as is wont to happen after many days of traveling) so Andy and I had a nice evening snuggling on the couch.  We watched a fascinating documentary on modern day Geishas, had root beer floats, and teased ourselves about being such a nerdy couple.  

It was delightful.

But now Andy is at work and the rest of the house is asleep, so I am free to tell you about my hair.


Here is my new hair.  Please excuse the ridiculous face I am making as I have never been good at taking my own picture.  Just look at the hair. Please.

I think I learned something about getting a good cut from my current stylist.  Or perhaps I just lucked out this time.  But here is what I did differently for a great haircut day:

1. Before I left the house I read 1 Peter 3:4.  You know, "Your beauty should not come from outward adornment... but a gentle and quiet spirit..."  I needed the reminder that my attitude is more important than my hair.  Can I be at peace with lame hair?  Yes.  Will I? With God's strength, yes.

By the way, I have always avoided this verse because I really like outward adornment.  I didn't want to be convicted of "adorning myself." But I noticed that outward adornment is not forbidden, it is just that those things are not the source of my beauty.  They become a problem when they are what I rely on to make me lovely, instead of challenging myself to be gentle and quiet.  So adorn away, just don't let the accouterments own you. 

2. I made the whole outing a treat.  My mother-in-law hung out with Jack, so I took my time. I browsed a magazine, I bought a coffee.  I relaxed.  That way, even if the hair was bad, the day was good.  

3. I scheduled my appointment right before my hairstylist's lunch and on her slowest day.  That way she didn't have to rush to finish my hair before someone else's appointment.  I think that made the biggest difference.  I had time to explain what I wanted and she had time to fuss over the tiny details.  

So ladies, glean from my experience and enjoy your next coiffing experience.  


Annie Parsons said...


I love it. It's stunning! You are beautiful, adorned or not... but seriously, THE HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!

So you. :)

annacrusis said...

You have great hair anyways, but i really like this cut on you! you too are an inspiring mom---thanks for your comments!

Andrea Cook said...

Super cute! I had my hair cut very much like that for a while and I loved it! :) You are always adorable though!!!

Rosemary said...

Hot mamma! ;)

Michelle Ferguson said...

Love it! Your hair has always been an inspiration to me.