Tuesday, November 11, 2008

He waved to ME

Okay, so I know everyone is dying to know about my clandestine appointment with Clinton Kelly.  

In my previous post, I had a few questions about how the day would go, let me address those first:

Were there guards?  No.  Unless you count the woman turing away those hopeful of catching a glimpse of C.K. but did not have a ticket.  Fortunately WE had tickets.  Also, there were women of all shapes and sizes present, though the presentation was geared toward plus-sized frames.

What did I wear?  As usual leading up to an event, my closet's contents seemed woefully inadequate, but I told myself to get over it.  I spent much too much time lamenting my lack and far too little time celebrating what I do have.  So I wore a pair of grey tweed-ish plants (long and straight, just like Clinton and Stacy advise - thank you Value Village), an apple green wrap top that looks quite good with my red hair and a pair of metallic purple peep-toes.  It was a pretty good ensemble.  

Did I win the $500 shopping date with Clinton?  No. But he did wave to me when he was in the store.  Probably because when I saw him my face flushed and my mouth kind of went slack and my expression was both one of awe, fear and delight.  But still, Clinton Kelly waved at ME!

Also, let me clarify something.  I know that it is silly to get so invested in a tv personality.  I'm not really obsessed.  I just enjoy being dramatic about some things, What Not to Wear and Clinton happen to be a couple of the things I like to be dramatic about.  That being said, here are some of the tips that I remember...
  1. Shoes ALWAYS set the mood of an outfit.
  2. Get professionally fitted for a bra.
  3. Have your clothes tailored.
  4. When you find a pair of jeans that you love, buy two pairs - one to wear with flats, one to wear with heals (Of course this means that you will need to have them tailored).
  5. When assembling an out fit mix and match: color, pattern, texture, shine.
  6. T-shirts do not count as clothes.  They are only acceptable for layering, loungewear or the gym.
  7. To find clothes that fit and are fabulous - you have to try A LOT on.  He said that on average the women on the show try on 20 pairs of jeans before they find one that fits.
It was really such a blast to sit and listen to a charming, well spoken and handsome man.  I especially enjoyed his information about "what you don't see" on the show and his parting comments which advocated for women to embrace their beautiful selves and stop beating themselves up for not looking like the "fake" women in advertisements.

Thank you Clinton!

One of the startling things he said was that of the 240 women that he has worked with on WNTW, only two have been able to say they are happy with their bodies.  What a sad, sad number!  I left feeling very challenged to become one of those women and spur my friends on to the same.

Women are beautiful.  We receive so many messages that say we CAN be beautiful, but those messages are all conditional. If you buy this, if you wear that, if you change this, if you...

Am I willing to be the odd-woman-out and love the shell that God has given me to inhabit while on this earth?  Am I willing to talk nicely to myself, in private and in public?  Am I willing to ruthlessly edit the messages that I receive through media - cancel magazine subscriptions and delete shows from my DVR, if that is what it takes?  Am I willing to let others compliment me and receive those kind words as truth?  Am I willing to train my thoughts to dwell on the positive and stop comparing, stop chastising, stop chasing?  I think I am.

Are you?


Mrs. Nikki Blockhan said...

I Love it! I have always thought that you dressed absolutely fabulous...now I know why!! I so aspire to be the fashonista I once was...I just cannot seem to find the time/money to accomplish it. You kinda inspired me though. :)

Deborah Barnett said...

thanks for this. I "hear" that "confidence" is the best outfit a woman can wear... but apparently mine is too small and I can't wear it anymore. Because I haven't put it on in a while... I'll need to work on that. ;o)

hootenannie said...

Emily, you are TRULY one of my favorite bloggers. Your posts are always the best blend of whimsy and charm and substance. I'm encouraged by you. You are amazing.

Sarah Markley said...

what a cool post. thanks.

also, makes me want to buy purple heels. =)

Michelle Ferguson said...

You have always inspired me both in hairstyle and fashion, just so you know :) I find myself very much looking forward to wearing "fun" clothes while home for Christmas. I am more than ready to trade in my oversized paint t-shirts (I am so modest in Cambodia) and capris for a wonderful sweater complete with scarf, my favorite Target jeans, and boots. Oh my closet at home calls to me!