Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A successful party

I'm trying to ignore the scattered glasses and plates that cover every available surface in my living space.  It is impossible.  They are everywhere!  EVERYWHERE!

Just a few short hours ago my house was clean and I had a beautiful spread of appetizers and sparkling drinks adorning my dining room table.  No more.  In the wake of a bride to be and her entourage there is just chaos.  And me to tame it.  

I'm not very good at house chaos.  I just don't care enough.  On the list of all the things that could vie for my attention each day, a clean house is just not near enough to the top to make the cut.  

That is probably why I really don't enjoy the prep for parties.  I hate noticing all the dust and mystery fuzz that has made its home in the corners of my house.  In my normal, everyday life I just ignore it, but a few days before guests are due to arrive, suddenly my abode appears filthy.  Filthy!  As in, "I really let my innocent child scoot around on this floor?"

However, I do enjoy celebrating, and to be 100% truthful, I sometimes like to show off.  Gasp.  Yes, it is true.  Since my stellar spread has been devoured and my party drinks have been drunk and all that is left is for me to dive into the aftermath, let's just pause and review the few moments of gastronomic glory that I had a hand in creating.

Recipes available on request *wink*

The Drinks
At the groom's request, this was a Mocktail party (I wanted to do fun drinks, he asked for them sans-alcohol).  And boy were the bevies good!  

A virgin mojito, a hibiscus spritzer, a sweet blend of peach nectar and sparkling cider (the crowd fav) and sparkling ginger lemonade.  

Tasty Bites

Crusty bread topped with honey goat cheese, seasoned nuts, bruschetta, baked ravioli, and my personal pride and joy, finger salads: 

Yes, you are actually looking at bit-sized pieces of lettuce lovingly wrapped around a cucumber spear and shaved carrots, tied with a sliver of green onion and drizzled with sesame ginger dressing. Yes.  That is what you are seeing.

I'll let your eye linger on the beautiful salads for one moment longer...

Okay, now I must bid farewell to this reminiscing and set in on the job before me.  I at least want to look like I've been working while Andy has been away.  And since I'm pretty sure it is only girls who read this I feel safe in confessing that I'll be cleaning in my underwear... just to make sure he doesn't notice the mess first.  *smile*  It's great being a girl.  

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Annie Parsons said...

I am so impressed with your hosting skills! Those treats look amazing.

Oh Emily. Cutest girl in America. :)