Monday, September 15, 2008

Does Anybody Know?

I'm trying to do my part and be a little more eco-conscious.  Aren't we all?

Now that Jack is making a mess of his face a few times a day I'm working hard to use a washcloth to wipe the gunk off, instead of paper towels. But here's the thing.  Washcloths stink.  They do.  

I use one once, hang it flat to dry, and the next time I go to use it it smells so gross! GROSS!  The stink sticks to my hands and every surface it comes in contact with.  Let me say it again, GROSS!

So, what's the deal?  Am I washcloth challenged? Am I doing something wrong?  Or do you just have to pay the price of stinky... everything... in order to save the planet?  

Help me please, someone help me.  

Annie, I have high hopes that you have the answer to this one. 

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Annie Parsons said...

I might be the Washcloth Czarina, as I use 2-3 each day... but I'm just washing my face, and not cleaning up baby food and slobber and what-have-you. :) I never re-use my washcloth, either - I just hang it up to dry, and when it is, I throw it in the laundry basket.

But I TOTALLY know the smell you speak of. There's a sponge at the kitchen sink at work that leave EVERYTHING smelling so bad. I think that's a bad sign. A sign that it shouldn't be used again.

My sort of eco-friendly-ish advice is to buy a big ol' stack of washcloths, and use a different one each time. And then do a load of laundry every couple of days to wash them all. That's better than paper towels, right?

:) Miss you, Emily.