Tuesday, September 2, 2008

If You've Ever Wanted to be Fancy

What I really wanted to write today was an ode to Fall On Its Way, but to be perfectly honest, the autumnal feelings haven't hit in full force.  So I will save my emoting about the smells of cinnamon and clove and the perfect orange of pumpkins until the mood is just right.  I refuse to risk under-exclaiming about the most glorious of seasons.  

However, there is another topic that is near and dear to my heart and that I believe warrants reflection:  Fancyness.

I first discovered the power of "fancy" when I was spending my days with two tiny British dolls.  Olivia and Lauren, age one and two.  Anything that inspired awe, was lovely to see, smell or feel, any object or person that was better than good... received an exclamation of "FANCY!"  

Upon returning to The States I kept the word as an active part of my life and vocabulary.  An all-encompassing declaration of, "I love it!"  I have considered it not my own treasure, but have accepted the mission of sowing seeds of fancy and watching them bloom, bringing beauty, laughter, gentle teasing, and delight to the most ordinary of days.

You too can embrace the fancy lifestyle.  I am here to help.  Follow these simple tips and you too will soon be declaring, "How Fancy!"

#1: Believe it!  Fancy is a mindset.  Look at yourself in the morning and say, with conviction, "I am fancy!  I am fabulous!"  Don't be surprised if after a few days you start walking with a little extra swish.  Here comes fancy!

#2: Accessorize!  Fancy is all about making the ordinary special.  Take a white tee-shirt and a pair of jeans.  Alone, the combination is a little timid.  But add a dash of "something extra" - perhaps a turquoise beaded necklace or a great scarf, and you suddenly have Fancy! My personal favorite from the accessory world is a pair of giant earrings, but you could decide that you are more of a bangle gal, or that a really fantastic handbag is what makes you feel fancy.  Whatever it is, go for it!  If you are new to the world of flair, feel free to start with one piece.  Before you know it you'll be pairing dangly earrings with great heels or purchasing a pair of white sunglasses.  Watch out!

#3: COLOR, COLOR, COLOR.  Use it, love it, play with it, never fear it!

#4:  Develop your vocabulary.  After you have adopted the fancy mindset, you find that ordinary words like "nice" just don't convey what you want to say.  Make friends with the thesaurus and begin using less-common words.  Instead of nice, try agreeable, charming, or delightful.  Instead of funny, try droll.   Instead of grumpy, try peevish.  An interesting sentence always attracts attention.

#5:  Enjoy simple pleasures.  Simple pleasures are those moments that you want to share.  A quaint scene that you talk about at the end of your day, or a private moment that makes you smile as you remember it.  They happen every day, we just need to be looking for them.  Set a goal of sharing one simple pleasure with a friend each day.  You can increase your capacity by adding the number of friends you share with, or trying to increase the number of simple pleasures you identify during the day.  I will share with you that today, my simple pleasure was seeing a white-haired man driving and eating an orange popsicle!  I was also pleased to notice that my refreshed hair color happens to be a near-perfect match to the interior of my car.  Oh what delights! 

These are the bedrocks of living fancy, however other simple practices can advance your study of this lifestyle, should you choose to employ them.  Additional recommendations: wear dresses as everyday clothing, learn to walk in heals, smile as often as you can, spend time doing something interesting, learn a new skill, compliment others on their fancy attributes.

Please know, I am simply a student like you.  I welcome tips and tricks you have found helpful and am comfortable in the fact that there is always more fancy to be gained.

So from one life-lover to another I say, "Eat, drink, and be Fancy!"


Annie Parsons said...

You are the cutest human ever. And you are DEFINITELY my fancy-hero. I'm going to try your tips!! :)

Momica said...

That was a good lesson in fancyness. I feel less peevish already and I feel a tiny bit of sparkle coming on!