Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Sigh

Have you ever had a moment when you think to yourself, "Who am I that I get to lead this beautiful life?"

I hope you have.

I hope you have had them often.

I had one this afternoon.

I spent a leisurely morning with a ridiculously happy baby (whose new game is to flush the toilet and dance wildly to the sound of the running water) and a dear friend.  I had a filling breakfast in a new and quaint cafe.  When we got home, Jack went straight to bed and I lounged on the couch with a new novel.  

Happy sigh.

Jack woke up with a grin and spent ten quite minutes snuggling in my arms and bestowing on me his sweet smile.  

Andy came home from work and took my face in his hands and reminded me that to him, I am incredibly beautiful.

I spent an hour out of the house, leaving Jack with dear and trusted friends.  When I came home, he was waiting for me and greeted me with giggles, hugs and slobbery kisses. 

In a time where so many feel insecure and unsure of their jobs or frustrated in their relationships, I feel safe and loved. 

My heart is full.

I never want to take these simple, lovely, overflowing days for granted.  

Who am I that I live this beautiful life?


Michelle Ferguson said...

What a sweet glimpse into a very beautiful life my friend. Thanks for writing that :) You made me smile and remember to be thankful (a very good reminder).

Kel said...

Now that was a good pep-talk! =)

onebzybe said...

Thanks for sharing.... I too love the days I remember my simple blessings.... Like today, and a new lipstick! You have to read my blog to find out more, but thanks for sharing. Those are the sweet memeories we cherish forever.