Friday, January 23, 2009


DISCLAIMER:  I am not really as full of myself as the following might sound.  Well, I might be, a little.  Shoot!  But this is what you get instead of my blanket advice that I wanted to subject EVERYONE to, which, in reality, I will probably write about at some time or another anyway, because it is really good advice.  But really, I am not a bossy snob. I promise.

And now, on with the show...

I have a very unique skill.  

Well, maybe it isn't unique, but it is very useful.

Well, maybe it isn't useful, but I'm glad that I have it.

I give great pep-talks.  

Need a little go-get-'em-tiger?  I'm your gal.  

Need a healthy dose of buck-up-cowgirl?  You know who to call.

But here is the problem.  

I don't interact with people who need my cheering every day.  I think that was one of the best perks of working in an office.  So many chances to step up on my soap box and send my fledgling words of inspiration into the air.

Okay, I admit.  I call it a pep-talk, as if it is cheering someone on.  But sometimes it is just bossing. 

I really like bossing.

Long ago 
my mom told me 
that if I ever started a business 
I should call it, 
"Let Me Boss You."
I think that is why Life Coaching
appeals to me so much.
People who WANT to be bossed.
The angles are singing.
It really would be the perfect job for me.

Unfortunately Jack isn't old enough for me to boss effectively.  And my husband is pretty awesome without me interfering, so neither of my boys require me to flex my advice giving muscles.  


I need a good bossing/pep-talking/advice giving workout.  

So, let's start, "Dear Fancy."

Need advice? Ask away! 

I won't even charge you!!  Now that is a DEAL!

For a limited time only, Fancy is open for business.  You send me your question, and I will respond with a personalized and, if you wish, private solution to your dilemma.  What could be better?!  

But wait.

It does get better!

Oh sorry, it doesn't. 

Free advice is as good as it gets.  

So ask away dear children.  Ask away.  


Seth & Andrea Cook said...

I'll have to keep this in mind for my whiny cranky days. ;)

Michelle Ferguson said...

Dear Fancy,

I currently have a very troublesome problem. I have a deep-seated and unrelenting desire to visit a beautiful, perfectly-lit world called "Target."

The problem??

I live in Cambodia.

I eagerly await your solution!

~hopeful shopper