Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What We Did in Texas

Our trip to Texas was wonderful.  Just the right amount of play and rest.  

Jack didn't sleep very well at night, but he's making up for it now, that's for sure!!  Yesterday he was only up for an hour between 8:30 and noon.  

We were visiting Andy's mom and grandparents.  His mom was so generous and had planned a whole adventure for us.  We went to SeaWorld and Six Flags.  At Six Flags she took Jack and Andy and I got to ride all the adult rides.  We did take a break to put Jack on his first amusement park ride.  He LOVED it!

We ate good food, visited one of my cousins and her family and enjoyed warmer weather than we get at home.  

Take a look:
Here's Jack eating his birthday lemon.  
We spent his actual birthday on an airplane and didn't give him a cupcake.
I think he liked the lemon as much as he would have liked the sweets.
And don't worry.  His great grandparents showed up with a cake at the hotel.
And we'll have a party for him... eventually...

This is my favorite picture from our trip.  Doesn't Jack just look so amazed?!
This was on a tour boat of the river walk in San Antonio.

Andy and Jack playing at Sea World.  This was Jack's favorite part, though we didn't discover it until we were on our way out.
He also sat wonderfully through the shows and grooved to the loud music.  

This was his favorite part of Six Flags.  Before we left we let him crawl all around the water park.  I had a blast watching Andy chase him and get caught by the spontaneously squirting water. 

It really was a lovely week.  But now I have to deal with the aftermath.  I'm sitting here in my gym clothes, trying to convince myself that I will actually enjoy the gym once I get there.  My lame attempts at self-peptalks are failing me this morning.  I just want to sit at home and cuddle my boy and enjoy a morning of nothing to do.  

It might also have something to do with the fact that I went last night and Jack was so tired/travel-confused that I only had run about five minutes before the childcare staff had to come get me because Jack was hysterical.  


But, since I'm already dressed for it, I suppose I might as well just go.

One... two... three... 




Nope, I still really don't want to... but I guess it is good to do things we don't want to do once in a while, eh?

I'll spare you the rest of my lamenting.  Hope your day is full of more motivation than mine!


onebzybe said...

I love the pic of Jack playing in the water... I miss those days when they are little, and they enjoy to simplest things.

It's spring break here, and I have to say, we have decided it is a pajama day... Not one of us is motovated...

It must be the wind and pounding rain!

Enjoy your day.

Sarah said...

We had so much fun visiting you Emily! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I like the one of Jack crawling through the water.

emilyruth said...

oh! texas!
i have wanted to go to texas for so long
(i think it's tied to pee wee's big adventure
'there's no basement in the alamo!'
have i already told you this?)
jealous of your texas trip
but not so jealous that i can't be happy for you...
see i'm growing :)

fun pictures!

& good job just thinking about the gym...
it's the first step...