Monday, March 9, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Well, it is snowing again today.  I part love the novelty of it, I part wrinkle my nose in distaste at the disruption it causes to my out-and-aboutness.

On Friday I almost rescued a stray dog, but didn't. 

I get so mad at myself when I forget to velcro bibs together before putting them in the wash.  Inevitably they latch onto one of my favorite pieces of clothing and leave an unsightly "fuzzy" spot. 

Jack and Dane are entertaining themselves quietly and happy right now.  It is a first and I LOVE IT!!

Despite the snow I am in Spring Mode, including the need to clean (not that I have done it yet) and organize (ditto).  I am in the market for two large bookshelves if you are clearing any out of your home. 

Happy Birthday dad!

I'm thinking of growing my hair out a bit.  I really want a perm.  Is that crazy?

My new deodorant smells REALLY good. 

I already ate lunch but I want to eat a second lunch.  Or maybe I just had elevenses and it really is time for lunch. 

I'm ready for an international trip. 

Texas will tide me over. 

I need to update my wall calendar for this week.

Tomorrow I have to swim again.

Oh yeah!  I got a core ball yesterday, I should blow it up and let the boys play with it!

Do you know a woman, in person, who has awesome abs?  Is it just a myth?  Do they really exist? 

I need to cook my red chard but don't know how.

Debbie Myers produce bags really work.

My lips are chapped.

I'm sorry that today is not Tuesday.  


Ooops, looks/sounds like independent play time is over. 

Gotta go. 


Michelle Ferguson said...

First things first, it is already Tuesday here.

Which brings me to my next point. International Travel???


It's like Texas. But warmer.

I don't know any women in person with awesome abs. I am attempting to become one however.

It's a slow process...

I don't know if we should eat things called "chard."

Rosemary said...

Women with hard abs are a myth. We are designed to be soft and cushy and that spot is supposed to be the best pillow ever for a baby in its first 9 months of life. Cushy is way more cozy than hard abs. That's how I make myself feel better. ;)

Chard - cut the stem out and slice like celery. Roll the leaves into fat cigars and slice thinly, so you have long thin strips. Sauté stems for about 5 minutes in olive oil, then add leaves till they're bright green and slightly wilted. Sautéing with garlic, onion, or any kind of salted meat (bacon, proccuitto) is especially delicious. :)

emilyruth said...

honey, you totally need to twitter!
all of these thoughts could be different posts
all day long...
love it!

sadly i have seen real rock hard abs in person...UofO football cheerleaders..often, when they are shaking it, i avert my eyes. but every once in a while i watch & it is quite depressing...

i am jealous
i have always wanted to visit texas
i think it goes back to pee wee's big adventure
'there's no basement in the alamo!'

love your bits & pieces!
(that sounds funny to me because it's what we called Q's private parts when he was a baby...i'm not referring to your private parts:)