Monday, March 2, 2009

Just Go With It

I have "Honkey Tonk Badonkadonk" stuck in my head.

Yes it is on my ipod gym mix.

Along with three songs from the "Lizzie McGuire Movie" soundtrack.

Now you know my shame.

I have no explanation.

But what is going to be even more embarrassing is showing my complete incompetence at swimming laps tomorrow.

Yes, tomorrow I launch the swim training phase of my triathlon endeavor. I think the last time I swam (swum?) any distance was all the way back in high school.  I mean, I've been in a pool since then, but mostly in a stationary sense or in a sliding sense.

So tomorrow I am going to step into the pool with my bright pink tankini with the great big floral print.  I will also be wearing this:

This is what it looks like on:

This is what avocado looks like on, but that is beside the point. 

I figured I might as well embrace the absolute awkwardness of trying to learn to swim laps under the watchful eye of a teenage pool guard. Go all out right? What is more all out than head to toe fuscia flowers? 

So friends, wish me luck.  My only goal tomorrow is to swim more than two laps without hyperventilating and to keep my face from matching my swim cap.  

I'm not sure that I will succeed, on either account.  

Hold onto your seats people, the crazy woman with the petal-head is on the move!


hootenannie said...

You know what? I am terrified of swimming. So scared of it. I am impressed with ANY laps that you swim!!!! Good luck!

Michelle Ferguson said...

Yours is the prettiest petal-swimming-cap I have ever laid eyes on.

And I don't say that to just anyone.