Thursday, May 28, 2009

Budding Artist

Jack has discovered coloring.

I LOVE it!

He was playing with Ellery yesterday, and she was coloring a picture. He seemed very interested in the activity, so I put him in his high chair and let him loose. 

He was very serious about it. I am used to seeing this face when Jack plays:

But his face maintained this expression almost the whole time: 

Do you notice the ink on his face and hands? Don't worry, it washed right off in the bathtub.

Now that Jack is creating these masterpieces, I am faced with a difficult parenting decision. Do I become one of those moms who saves every single bit of artwork that my son makes, and then unload it on him and his future wife when they move to their first house? Or do I callously throw it away with total disregard for his creative endeavors, possibly stunting his self-expression and scarring him emotionally? 

Maybe I'll just mail it to a grandma and let her make the decision.


Michelle Ferguson said...

Okay, SUCH cute pictures of your artist! And if I were you I would decorate your refrigerator with some and perhaps slowly part with others as time and emotions allow :) Think of how you will benefit the future wife by sorting it out so she doesn't have to :)

emilyruth said...

we have a 'wall o' art
with clothes pins hanging by ribbons
& so when we get art
i just clip it up for a while
usually i put multiple pieces on one clip (i like layers:)
then every once in a while i sift through
it seems like living with it for a while helps me know if i should keep it or let it go...
i give the kids full reign to put stuff up in their rooms
so they are keeping the ones that mean the most to them
(there is no rhyme or reason to me:)
also also
(sheesh! i like this subject i think:)
when the elves bring art home during holidays
(not just christmas mind you:)
i keep one or two
& put it in the holiday box along with the ornaments & stuff
so the next year it becomes a holiday decoration too...
my favorite so far is a big sheet that Q wrote 'happy valentine's day' on...
his wonky letters & spacing is something i will cherish for a long long time:)
might even get it framed:)

(i might need to do a post about this on my blog...
ya think?