Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Heat Wave

Guys! Last night temperatures reached the highest... ever!... in Everett history.


I was NOT created for this kind of weather. Jack has a heat rash and I just discovered one under my bra strap this evening. I feel like I do nothing but sweat.

I don't feel like cooking, or even eating, but when I don't eat, I get queasy, so I have to eat. Everything is making me grumpy because I can't cool down and it is too hot to sleep. Tired, sweaty, queasy... can you just imagine?

Why in the world is Western Washington so HOT?! Please fall, come soon.

In other news, Jack threw my phone in the toilet today.

OOOooooHHhhh! I was SOOOO mad!

The phone was totally wrecked. I had to make an emergency trip to Verizon, which turned into a big ordeal. First, I got there at 9:20, started to unload and then heard someone call out, "Miss?"
"Are you coming in here?"
"We don't open until 10:00."

Under my breath, "grumble, grumble. Fine!"

We loaded back up, went to a random store to buy random things and stay in the air conditioning.

Just after 10:00 we were back in Verizon. I hate shopping for electronics in the first place. I also dislike having to adjust to a new phone. I also don't like going to all-grown-up places with Jack because, well, he's not a grown up. We made it through though and I got a phone, only to find, after I loaded up the babe and stroller, that they had set up the new phone with Andy's number, not mine.


Unload again, back to the store.

"Please fix this."

Finally we left and Jack snoozed on the way home. He slept for a little while, while I played with my new phone.

The most awful thing was, my previous phone was so destroyed that none of the contacts were salvageable. And thanks to the wonderful cell technology the only two numbers I've bothered to memorize are Andy's and my parents home number.

So, if you want me to have your number, you'll need to send it to me, because otherwise your info is lost.


Can you tell I'm hot and whiny?

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Seth & Andrea Cook said...

You need to find a friend with A/C and go live there. I've spent the last two days with friends and just the nights at home because we have a room a/c in there. Alex is sleeping in our room this week. Seriously it's not good for you to be in the heat. Drink lots of water. I do understand your feelings. It was 107 degrees here today. I never said I moved to Centralia for the weather....