Friday, July 24, 2009


In the morning light I discovered that while painting my canvases I also panted a good portion of my carpet. Too bad I didn't notice it last night when it would have been much easier to clean.


This morning I updated my Facebook status to: "... needs a day off. Unfortunately it doesn't look like that will happen for another 20 years."

I was overwhelmed and weighed down by the feelings of foreverness that come along with wee babes. From my tired eyes, I don't see any way to take a break. The house is always here, the baby is always here, things always need tending.

But not five minutes after I posted this there was a knock on my back door. I didn't hear it at first, and then I heard Dane calling out his greeting. I went to the door and there was my brother-in-law with Dane and he said, "I saw your facebook status, do you need any help?"

Oh my! I almost cried.

He came in, scooped up Jack and immediately calmed down the chaos of my house. He offered to take Jack for a few hours so I could take a break or clean with out being followed by mess-makers. I would have taken him up on it it If I hadn't already had a friend coming to pick me and Jack and our third body up.

While I didn't really get a break, my spirit was so lightened by his offer that the urgency of a day off doesn't seem quite so intense.

I am so, so thankful for my friends who come to my rescue every time I need it.

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Sarah said...

That was really nice of him. I appreciate friends like that. I miss being around family, too. :)