Monday, July 20, 2009

While The Cat Is Away

This weekend I was gone from my family for two nights.

That is the longest ever!

I was co-coordinating a retreat for 15 women in Chelan (Eastern Washington). I had such grand visions of being that woman who left meals labeled in the fridge and her house spotless. Instead, by the time I handled all the bits and pieces I needed to organize for the retreat, the best I could manage was a whiteboard list of acceptable and easy foods for Andy to feed Jack.

I guess leaving is something I will get better at with practice.

I was okay on Friday night. Even when I got a text message from Andy that said our night-time babysitter had forgotten about her commitment and was on her way to Portland, I didn't really worry. She came back guys, it all worked out. In fact, I wasn't ever worried. I know that Andy is totally capable with Jack, despite his teasing and self-depreciating remarks.

But by Sunday, when all of the tasks of the weekend were finished, I REALLY missed my boys. I couldn't get home fast enough.

When I got home, I discovered Jack calmly eating an almost well-balanced meal, a spotless kitchen, an empty laundry basket and drawers full of perfectly folded clothes, and a warm hug from Andy. When Jack was done eating and was out of his highchair he ran all around me and was eager to play tickling games. In the middle of each round he would stop and kiss me several times, like he was saying, "I'm so glad you're home mom! I just can't get enough of you!"

What a wonderful, wonderful feeling.

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Michelle Ferguson said...

So great! I will seek your wisdom in so many areas one of these days my friend when all of your new adventures eventually become mine as well. You handle them with grace, honesty, and an excellent support team of your two boys :)