Friday, July 31, 2009

A Dream Come True

This morning as I was waking up I dreamt that I had a big paper bag full of specialty pastries waiting for me on the counter. As I moved from dream state to awake I thought, "Oh yeah! I have those delicious goodies to start my day!" I was thrilled and motivation for getting out of bed was building, until I realized that there were no pastries. Not even any good cereal or bread for toast.

Our cupboards are bare.

But I did get to sleep in, which is almost as good as pastries so my day still was looking bright.

Then Andy stopped by for a few minutes as he often does before his first job starts. Jack was still asleep so I parked myself on the couch and chatted with Andy while he was working on his online class. I mentioned my dream about the sweet treats and he said, "Should I go get you some pastries?"


Of course!

And he did! He went to my favorite bakery and brought back two delicious choices. He had to call me to see what I preferred of what they had out for the day and he said that when he went back in to order the woman behind the counter said, "I wish my husband would do that for me!"

Is it wrong to feel good when someone else is jealous of how great your husband is?

It probably is a little wrong.

But I still kind of like it.


Angie said...

That's my boy! ;-)

Michelle Ferguson said...

I love this! It makes my heart happy :) I am also curious to know what the two pastry choices were...