Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm back, but I'm rambling

Well, we are now down to the last month of pregnancy.


The beautiful thing is that as the due date gets closer, rather than become more nervous and more concerned with the details of bringing home baby number two, I find myself eager to meet Joey and confident in my family's ability to grow to four with grace and joy.

Not only is my confidence in our family growing, but in the last weeks I have been so amazed by the show of support and affection from my dear, dear friends. I have been well celebrated, affirmed, encouraged and gifted with more than I ever, ever imagined.

I'm out of the habit of blogging, though I have started a post in my head about every other day. Unfortunately, none of those brain-posts translated to reality. The stories are lost and my witticisms never had a chance to be enjoyed.

Poor witticisms.

Even now, I can tell that I can't quite put together a whole story the way I'd like to, but that could be because Andy insists on watching the Bachelor, which is the show that I hate the very most in the world.

It is hard to compose a clever and well-ordered presentation of real life with syrupy and cliche sentiments being exchanged between one man and four women in the background.

I'm so sorry if you really happen to enjoy the Bachelor, but seriously, I CAN NOT STAND IT! Gag me gag me gag me. Gross. Ughhh... It is torture to even have to hear snippets of the conversations from such a show. And the thought of that guy kissing all those girls and professing love to four women at once makes my skin crawl.

So, while I may not be able to concentrate on building an engaging story line in text, I am happy to have a way to turn my back on such a horrible show. Even if the ramblings from the tv box still haunt me...

Hmm... it may not be enough to simply turn my back on the show. I may have to resort to more significant sources of distraction. Good thing I have a box of hair dye in the bathroom and a stack of thank you cards to entertain myself with.

If those two things fail, I will continue my online perusal of double strollers. An undertaking that has absorbed WAY too many hours of my life. I'm lost in the world of tandems, side-by-sides, sit & stands... can anyone out there answer all of my stroller questions?


I'm going crazy!

But that could just be the creepy-crawlies that Bachelor-man is giving me.



hootenannie said...

I hate "The Bachelor," too. What a bunch of smut. Tonight at the gym, it was on the TV in front of me, so I watched in horror (no headphones, so no sound) as some blond girl got rejected... and subsequently looked like a pathetic WRECK, clinging to the dude's arm, hanging on him as he walked her outside, her hair all disheveled and her makeup in rivers down her face...

THERE IS SO MUCH WRONG WITH THIS SHOW. Never, ever, ever will I support it. Ever.

emilyruth said...

oh, i hate to be this person:
the person who knows what's going on on the bachelor
but i am!
she didn't get rejected.
her job called & told her she had to come back or she would get fired.
so she had to decide if she was going to leave or stay...
she decided to go back to her job & leave the show.
i know neither of you care
i just had to clear it up...
i do not know...

emilyruth said...

ps hooray for your last month!
happy stroller shopping!
we had a side by side & it was fine...
though i can see the benefit of front to back...
have fun! enjoy the last few weeks with one,
it's about to get crazy...
crazy-fun, but crazy none the less :)