Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Brave New World

Wow, I've actually entered the world of blogging.  

This morning I came to a conclusion.  I'm a girl.  Okay... that was not my conclusion... bear with me, I have to give some background...  Girls like to talk about their feelings right?  I have lots of feelings.  Sometimes they are emotions, sometimes they are reflections, sometimes just thoughts about how to make the world a better place... Pictures and words well up in my mind and if they don't get a chance to flow out, they become distorted and I get cranky.  

Nobody wants to be around a cranky girl. 

But talking about those feelings  is hard work.  I have to make sure they come out just right.  When you have a conversation, there is no deleting the wrong words.  You can't hit save and come back later to edit your sentences or clarify your meaning.  For some thoughts, writing is better.  

And sometimes there is the reality that even if I did want to share verbally, there just isn't anyone to express myself to. Friends are busy, my husband has to work (or has already patiently listened to me talk for days on end and I just love him too much to put him through it again today), strangers are skeptical, and despite Jack's sweet smile as I babble at him, I'm not sure he really gets it.  

So, here's a toast to a brave new world, at least for me, and a home for all of those feelings.  

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Rosemary said...

Welcome to blogging my friend. It is addictive. It will suit you well. I am so glad I get to hear your feelings more often now rather than trying to set up breakfast dates and random texts. :)