Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Weekend Flight of Fancy

I like doing not-so-grown-up things.  

I am relived to find that even after having a baby I don't have to be as grown up as I thought. It is true, I do have a little helpless being who depends on me for his every need and whose life will be influenced by almost every one of the decisions I make for the rest of my life - no pressure- but I can still be just a little whimsical, and for that I am so glad!

This weekend Andy and I indulged our childish sides.  It started with a late night date to satisfy an ice cream and adventure craving.  After a little bit of web surfing and a few bats of my eyelashes, we wound up at Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream.  Oh man!  When was the last time that you waited in a line half a block long for ice cream?  If you are in a little funk, I highly suggest visiting Molly Moon's.  It's sure to snap you out of it!  I recommend the Cardamom.

Spurred on by our flight of ice cream fancy, we kept up the spontaneous nature of the weekend and spent Sunday night dying our hair. I am now a red head.  A fabulous red!  The box said something boring, like "Bright Auburn," but I prefer to think of it as balsamic strawberry (thanks Molly!), or perhaps blood orange, or, to keep up the food theme, even pomegranate.  Whatever it is, it doesn't look a bit natural, but I love it!  It makes me feel famous.  

Andy went platinum.  He looks famous too.  And tough.  He looks like he belongs in the X Games, or at the beach, or at a high end club as the bouncer... we are quite the pair, I can assure you!

Now we are two feet into the week.  I wonder what new frivolities await!  

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