Thursday, August 28, 2008

What I don't want to tell you about today

Jack and I were out running errands this afternoon and by the time we got home I was starving.  Starving with a capital S.  

Luckily I had just made a trip to Costco and had some delicious Parmesan Spinach Artichoke Dip, which had two vegetables in it's name, so that means it is good for you.  I paired it with flax chips from Trader Joes (also good for you... flax... Trader Joes...anything from TJ's is good for you) and salsa, which is ALL veggies, so you know, I'm pretty much the most healthy girl ever.  

Despite my wonderful grasp of nutrition, I apparently don't have any manners.  

As I took a bite of chip with cheesy dip, I was simultaneously making "goo goo" faces at Jack.  Somehow not all of the cheese made it to my mouth and I was left with a long rope of dip hanging from my lips.  

Did I delicately wipe it away with the napkin tucked in my lap.  Um, no.  Did I demurely remove it from my face with ladylike fingertips?  Hm, didn't think of that.  I let it hang there!  Then I did that weird lip-tongue gobble thing that four-year-olds do when they are eating pizza or slurping noodles!  

Yep, that's me.  Miss Classy!

I'll make sure Jack has the same impeccable manners that I do.

That is, if he isn't damaged from me DROPPING him today!  Yes, it's true, I dropped my baby. Horror of horrors!  

Okay, I'm being dramatic.  It wasn't really a drop since his body was all on the floor already.  It was more of an awkward arm to floor transition for his head that resulted in loud sobs.  It wasn't just an "ouch mom that hurt" cry.  It was like a broken heart, "how could you let that happen to me mom?!" cry.  

The worst part?  I laughed.  Just a little bit.  Really, it wasn't even out loud.  Just a small internal chuckle.  I'm NOT a horrible person!  I promise I felt remorse.  And I promise I did everything I could think of to make him feel better, but he was just so little and he was so confused and... I guess there are no excuses for laughing at your baby when he gets hurt.  BUT come on!  He doesn't even remember that it happened.  An hour later he was right back to his usual cheerful self.  

Think what you will about my reaction to my bobbled baby.  If you ask Jack, he'll still tell you that I'm the best mom he knows.

Thanks Jack. 

I love you too.

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Michelle Ferguson said...

Emily Aichele, you make me laugh :) And crave Costco dip. I will never tell Jack what happened today (both the drooling incident and the interaction with the floor).