Saturday, February 28, 2009

Keeping Score

One Point Andy:
Arranging for a babysitter so he could take me out on a date tonight.

Two Points Andy: 
Buying me a swim cap, goggles AND an awesome new tennis racket for the spring. 

Three Points Andy:
Opening the truck door for me even though he had to go to the drivers side, unlock the door, and come back to my side to let me in (the passenger side doesn't have a key hole, he asked me to wait so he could open it).

Four Points Andy:
Tucking Jack in, complete with singing, when we got back home. 

Five Points Andy:
Oh wait, I mean five points ME.  As in winning our game of mini-golf... by FIVE POINTS. 

Let it be known that the agreement was that the loser would have to do DDR... and try.  You can imagine my glee and the anticipation I felt waiting to see the manliest man I know boogie down with his anime self.  However, as the expert on the game ahead of him was getting ready for his final round, the machine locked up.  Andy wasn't able to fulfill his duty as the loser, so I now have in my possession an IOU to see Andy's dancing revolution.  You can be sure that I will NOT forget to redeem it. 

I love winning. 

And I love Andy.

More than winning.

A lot more.

Good thing too.

Since this is the only thing I have ever won in our relationship.  

I have to celebrate the small victories. 

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