Monday, March 23, 2009

What Jack Was Doing

Here is what Jack has been doing while I wrote that last post:

I handed him a whole stack of post-it-notes and he took it all apart.

When it was all in pieces he started filling up his "gumball machine" with the individual squares of paper.

When that was full he pulled out a basket from the desk and filled it up.
Oh the things that entertain a one-year old.  
Oh the waste and mess I encourage all for a few minutes to play.

And, because I am showing you pictures, I will show you two moments from our weekend:

Story time with mama.

Snuggle time with dad.

Sweet life. 

Now to packing.

Ta ta!

1 comment:

Michelle Ferguson said...

Such great photos! Who knew post-it notes could be so entertaining! :) And that picture of you reading to Jack is STUNNING. Just so you know.