Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Days Go By

I've been training a lot.

I've got a cold.

I love DayQuil.

Jack says, "no, no, no" as he proceeds to do something that he knows is off limits. 

He does things that are off limits... A LOT.

Andy is watching a really (really!) gruesome MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fight. I can usually watch them with him, but once there is blood, I'm out-a-there.


And Jack thinks they are terrific. 

That white thing is his safety blanket. 

His safety blanket is a snowman. Have I told you about his love for his snowman? By snowman, I really do mean a snowman. It was his Halloween costume and somehow, I don't remember how, it was in his crib one night. Since then it has been in his crib every night. When Andy and I put him to sleep he finds it, curls up all around it and smiles. My son, with a snowman lovey.


Life is good. 

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hootenannie said...


I love your chairs!!!!