Friday, June 12, 2009


Two of these wondrous creations are coming to my house. 

I ordered them two weeks ago.

They won't be here until the 25th. 


I hate waiting.

Please tell me that "I hate waiting" immediately makes you think of The Princess Bride.  The part where Inigo is offering the rope to the Man In Black, who will later be identified as Westley, and they exchange witty banter about the process of climbing the Cliffs of Insanity. 

If it does not, I fear for the longevity of our friendship. The exception is Andy, who despite refusing to watch the Princess Bride, somehow still won my heart. Still, I can hardly afford to make exceptions. 

"Once word gets out that a pirate has gone soft, it is nothing but work, work, work..." 

Not that I'm a pirate, it's just that I can only have one exception to the rule, so, unfortunately, that still leaves you all in danger if you cannot quickly identify the speaker and context of that quote.


"Please understand I hold you in the highest regard..." Finish that line! 


Sarah said...

Oh Emily, what a gorgeous chair! It certainly matches your personality.

emilyruth said...

oh my!
those chairs are so great...
super fun!

as far as PB goes
i agree it is a must see
& a must memorize...