Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Harder Than I Thought

Oh friends.

Today is a day that I realize how consuming having a toddler is. 

Last night, Jack woke up every half-hour, almost to the minute for about two hours. That means that I also woke up every half hour. It means that my head is woozy this morning and my eyelids are very, very heavy.

Despite the fatigue, I am in my gym clothes, ready to head out the door for a training session. 




I am in my gym clothes, yes. But I am not about to head out the door. Because for the second day in a row, Jack has chosen the exact moment I am packing all of our things for a great workout to flip the switch that turns him from happy, playful, giggling Jack to crying, inconsolable, tired and cranky Jack.

That means that I am currently listening to him try and settle down for a random morning nap. 

I think he must be cutting another tooth.

Teething is such a mystery. 

So while I have some extra time on my hands, let's have an honest talk about this triathlon, shall we? I am tired of training. And when I'm miss a training session, I am tired of feeling guilty and worried about how I'll do in the race. 

It is much harder than I anticipated to make it to the gym all the times that I want. 

The good news is that when I was shaving my legs the other day I noticed some really remarkable muscle definition and a few weeks ago I had a stranger compliment me on my arms in the store. So, at least there is some benefit to the working out.

Despite the difficulty of trying to fit in all the workouts, I am still glad I've signed myself up for this. I know that if I didn't have a goal in mind, I probably wouldn't make it to the gym at all. Something is always better than nothing. Agreed? Plus, I'm learning a lot, and when I do make it for a run or swim, I feel fantastic. 

But the months are counting down and the days are becoming fewer. In just 11 weeks, whether or not I'm ready, I will be racing. 


What was I thinking?!


hootenannie said...

You are amazing. I don't know how you're training AND being a mom - I could barely train for my half-marathon when it was just me. Your hard work is inspiring, your honesty refreshing, and your arms - SURELY toned. :)

See you in September... xo.

Michelle Ferguson said...

Wow. You really are so inspiring my friend! And such a wonderful mom to Jack :) I just love you guys. And your cinnamon rolls..

What date is your marathon again? 11 weeks is when I come home as well! Big events all around :)