Monday, June 22, 2009

I Need A Shower

I fell off my bike today.

I don't really like biking that much.

I also rode six miles, always far, far behind the gals I was riding with. 

I kept feeling like such a looser. 

"How can I be so, ridiculously slow?"

When I reached our meet-up point, a good ten minutes (at least that is how it felt, they swore it was only two) behind them I discovered that both my tires were low on air. 


That might have had something to do with it. 

I feel miserable. My elbow hurts and my pride is bruised. 



Sarah said...

I'm sorry you fell off your bike. Falling sucks. Were people around? Did you fall off to the side? Did you hit something and go over the top? I have a recent falling story if you want to hear it. It was really embarrassing. :)

Emily said...

Yes please to your falling story!

I am still getting use to my bike. It has "cups" for my feet that I am supposed to slide my toes in when I get riding. I was telling the girls I was riding with that I was still getting used to them.

As I said it I was pushing off and starting to head toward the trail and with both feet locked in I lost my balance and just tipped right over.

After checking to make sure I was alright, they both asked if they were allowed to laugh, which, of course, I assured them they were.

Sarah said...

Well my falling story doesn't involve a bike. We were at the park at the KOA that my father in-law was staying at with his family and they have an old metal park. You know the type- the old swings with the metal chains, not the new plastic type. Anyway, Maggie likes to swing on the big kid swings and she likes us to swing next to her. So I took the taller swing that was about 2 or 3 feet up in the air. So there I was swinging and the dang chain broke! So I fell and hit my head, then my shoulder and hip. It hurt so bad but it was really embarrassing. Maggie came right over and lay down on top of me to make sure I was ok. :)