Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If I Eat This, What Am I?

I made a solo trip to Trader Joe's last night and enjoyed every minute of it!

Here's what we're having for dinner this week:

Last night: 

Wheat Pitas stuffed with seasoned lamb, feta, lettuce and homemade tzatzkiki sauce.  Basically a gyro.  I've never made lamb before, but TJ's had a pre-seasoned rack that you just stick in the oven and ta da, you have lamb.  I don't recommend it though.  The flavor was good, but it was very fatty and once I cut away the fat and bones there wasn't much left in the way of meat.

The rest of the week:

Salmon with rice and baby broccoli. I'm... oops, I almost let something slip that I shouldn't.  Talk to me tomorrow and I can tell.

Orange Chicken.  This one is "Andy's." If I have it in the fridge, with some of TJ's microwave rice (which I think is ingenious) then I can ask him to make dinner. He can follow directions with the best of 'em, but anything beyond that kind of freaks him out. We're only two years into the plan after all. 

Shrimp with whole wheat pasta and a creamy garlic sauce and green beans.  I've never cooked shrimp before either, but someone told me TJ's frozen shrimp were great, so I thought I would give it a try.  I guess I was feeling adventurous last night. 

Sweet basil chicken sausage with pasta and red sauce and a caesar salad with freshly slivered parmesan cheese.  I like having fast and easy meal makings so that when I'm feeling lazy I can just boil the pasta and toss everything together.  

Grilled chicken and roasted potatoes with sugar snap peas.  We'll see if I can get Andy to eat the peas in their pods.  Any bets?

I also have a few other standbys on hand in case of a culinary emergency:

Chili and nachos
Open faced tuna sandwiches
Clam chowder
Freezer pasta meal
Breakfast (we go through eggs like nobody's business)

It looks like it will be a good week of eating.  I just hope I actually get around to making all of these things.  That seems to be the problem.  I stock up, only to find that a third of it goes right to my garbage can once it is past pull.  


I'll keep you posted.  Especially about the shrimp.  I'm intimidated by those grey little guys.  


Shawna Zlab said...

When I got married, I learned about the necessity of eggs. Men have some kind of thing about eggs and protein, I never knew you could go through them so fast either. Then with kids! Once I bought a pack of 7 dozen eggs at once, and we used them all up!

Michelle Ferguson said...

Your cooking list is incredibly inspiring to me!! I don't know if I've told you, but I've already begun my shopping list for when we move home in August. This is how I cope.. :) I have also been researching recipes and am quite intrigued by every meal you mentioned. Were these purchases fairly inexpensive? Do you know of any good Asian markets in the Everett area?