Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Scale is Broken

Hey! Did you know that today is the beginning of Lent?

I forgot that it was coming around until I saw someone's FB status of what they were forgoing for the next 46 days (Lent ends April 11th this year).

I've done Lenten fasts in the past, but never really held it as a tradition in my life.  I love resolutions and the beginning of new things, but I've felt trite giving up some bad habit for 40 days because of a liturgical tradition I'm really not all that familiar with. 

However, as I've been asking my body to do more work at the gym (except this week as Jack is still a pitiful, sleepy, snugly, snotty lump) my good eating habits have dropped.  I know that seems weird, but it is happening.  I think I didn't prepare for the increase in my appetite and when I felt unusually hungry instead of eating a snack to fuel my exercise I eat a snack to "treat myself."

On Monday I was realizing that my sweet tooth has become a sweet habit.  I'm simply in the habit of grabbing something sweet and fast.  

I know you know what I'm getting at.  

Starting today, I will say no to: cookies, cake, brownies, ice cream and candy.  I thought about going NO sugar, but that involves reading all the food labels and forgoing my coffee.  I'm not nearly that motivated.

Who knows, I might be in 46 days. 

Here is why I've decided to participate in Lent this year:
  1. I was already thinking about giving up sweets, so I don't feel like I've been coerced or guilted into giving something up just to sound spiritual.
  2. Sweets are not good for me.
  3. I think it is very good practice to occasionally deny myself things that I want (shoes, "me time," praise) but don't need.
  4. My "three pound flux" on the scale used to err toward minus three.  This week it has consistently "erred" plus three. 
So there you go friend.  Day one.  Good thing I didn't have a brownie for breakfast!

Are YOU practicing restraint in any area of your life, for Lent or otherwise?


Michelle Ferguson said...

I have been attempting to practice restraint with "treats" since we came back from being home at Christmas (and the scale at the doctor's read 10 pounds more than it ever has when I have stepped onto it...) When we moved here I showed NO restraint...sodas, cookies, chips, candy bars, ice cream, pizza, you name it, PLUS being served fried food for nearly every meal.

So now I am exercising daily, and attempting to make the healthier choices when eating. I eat fruit for my snacks and dessert now (aside from an occasional ice cream splurge) and I already feel much better! I like being healthy and am THRILLED to be home and get to eat healthy and cook for myself. Yay!! :) I am proud of your for your Lent fast. I know it will be worth all of the denial in the end!

emilyruth said...

i admire you!
i need to cut the sugar too...
& i love the idea of lent...
i'm a little late but i think
i might start with something...
you have inspired me!