Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Third Time's a Charm

Oh man!

This summer, if all goes as planned, I will check one of my lifetime goals off of my list.  

I have just registered for my first Triathlon!

Truly though, it is not the first triathlon I have registered for.  I have registered for two in the past.  I was unable to compete in either of them through a series of odd circumstances.

The first TRI I registered for I trained for half-heartedly.  When I gave myself a concussion by over-eagerly trying to catch a frisbee and running my face into a tractor a few weeks before the race (true story.  ask me about it sometime) it was a good excuse to... excuse myself. 

The second one that I registered for was just last year.  I knew that I would need some sort of motivation to get back into shape after having Jack, so I registered with two other gals as a relay team.  I was the running leg.  I did train for that one and was ready to kick butt (or at least stumble across the finish line) but the swim leg of our race discovered she was pregnant and her doctor told her not to compete.  The registration was non-transferable, so there went that shot.  However, I did meet my goal of banishing the baby weight.  Yay!

So now I'm attempting to tackle this monster once again.  

Swim .5 miles.
Bike 12
Run 3.2

Sounds easy enough right?

We'll see.

But I'm totally excited to sweat and show this world (and myself) what I'm made of!

This time I HAVE to do it.  I've registered with ... (just a sec, let me count... Robyn, Emily G., Jamie, Stephanie, Tara) FIVE other women.  We're each planning to complete the whole thing.  


So in just a few minutes, I'm off to my first ever spinning class.  I don't own a bike, as of yet, so I'll be busting my petals in the gym for a while.  That is fine with me.  I don't participate in outdoor athletic endeavors the day after it has been snowing.  I'm not that hardcore... yet. 

Be sure that I'll keep you posted on my progress.  I have 27 weeks to go from one mile endurance to 16 mile endurance.  It can be done friends, and I am going to prove it.  

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Michelle Ferguson said...

Yay Emily! I am quite excited for you and your triathalon endeavor. You inspire me :) Perhaps we can be athletic together one day when I am back home :)