Thursday, February 19, 2009

Softer Side

I have to apologize.  Again.

My post yesterday was very snooty.  I don't like it when I'm snooty.  

I try really hard in my real life to be approachable and kind and somehow my words just ran away with me.

I never want to think that my way is the best way and other people are silly.  Well, maybe I'll think they are silly, but I don't want to say it out loud or broadcast that opinion to anyone who will listen (read).

Please forgive me.

Maybe I need to flex my celebrating muscle a little more and embrace the lovely aspects of birthday parties.

I much prefer to think of myself as sweet and whimsical instead of sassy and sarcastic.  So let's move on from my soap-box tirades, shall we. 

Let me tell of the simple pleasures of today:
  • Jack feel asleep on my chest this evening.  I know it is better to let him put himself to sleep in his crib, but I just eat it up when he snuggles into my neck.
  • I have white tulips all over my house.
  • Andy brought home Thai food so I didn't have to cook.
  • I ate two giant brownies.
  • I wore my red heels out of the house, finally. 
  • New friendships are growing in my life.
  • New ministry opportunities have presented themselves and I'm walking into them with Holy Spirit courage.
  • Andy and I watched a movie on Monday and he cried!  I know it is terrible, but I really like it when he gets emotional.  His tender side is just so... tender!
  • I used a new shampoo and my hair is extra soft.
  • I spent all day with this lovely boy and his funny faces:

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