Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hello Again

So sorry.

I have no excuse.

But I do sincerely apologize.

Don't despair, I have re-entered my blogging life. 

What you have missed in the last two weeks:
  • Jack started swimming lessons.
  • I poured myself the last bit of chai in my fridge and as the last drop feel from the box, a spider also fell, from where I do not know.  But it landed, all leggy and squirmy, right in my chilly morning beverage.  GAH!  I fished it out with a straw and washed it down the drain.  Then I drank the chia anyway.  Don't judge please.  I am now mother to a BOY, who knows what kind of future interactions I will be forced to have with spiders.  Shudder.
  • I'm considering giving my hair a break from the bi-monthly dying and going back to brown for a month or two, but I really do NOT want to give up my red. I also don't want frizzy, shattered hair.  Hmmm.
  • Don't go to this website.  It will suck you in.  $1?!  That is it? $1!!? 
  • I am now an expert in Indian cooking thanks to my latest just-for-me outing to a cooking class.
  • I really like basil.

I have in mind the beginnings of several more updates for you.  I will tempt you with just the titles now, but plan to have them to you in their entirety in the near future.  Look forward to:
  • Third Time's a Charm: My year to conquer a triathlon
  • Embarrassing But True: Confessions of my unnatural infatuation with...
  • How Many Kinds of Cheese are in YOUR Fridge?: An exploration of my current eating habits.  For the record there are currently seven DIFFERENT kinds of cheese in my fridge, eight if you count my favorite cheesy dip
  • Parenting Politics: Title may be changed to "Mommy Manners" as I will be discussing the challenges of thriving in the Mum Club. 
  • You Got Me: Words that make me buy things. 
Stay tuned!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

I'm so excited to see you blogging again. I've been checking almost daily hoping to see a new post. I know, a little stalkerish but your posts are so good and I always feel better after reading them. I can't wait to read your other updates too.